Hair Care Products for Black Women

From the free-spirited sister with dreadlocks playing her guitar in sunny California, to the curly blonde haired girl in Florida, African American women are known for their plethora of diverse hairstyles. However, most women can agree that the key to having good hair is healthy hair. No matter how many times a woman changes her hairstyle; one thing that should remain constant is the hair product that goes into her hair.

Hair is such a significant role in expressing who women are along with the style itself as an accessory that compliments a woman’s particular look. Hair can signify many things such as youth, status, vitality, health and strength. For generations, women have been taught to take pride in their crowning glory. Century’s later; women have taken their identity back and left behind the oppression that came with conforming to society who defines beauty with good hair. Women have taken matters into their own hands by defining their own definition of good hair and proving to the world that beauty in hair comes in a bountiful variety.

Quality should always play a factor in a hair product. A great black hair care regimen includes the following: a high quality shampoo, conditioner, and natural daily moisturizer. Keep in mind that when trying to find high quality hair care products, always look for natural ingredients. Avoid cheap products for the simple fact that it may contain harmful ingredients. Examples would be petroleum and mineral oil which is phototoxic, and can prevent hair growth because it hinders the scalp from reaching oxygen. Another harmful ingredient to look out for in shampoos is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that’s harmful to the environment and leaves the hair dry.

Women must find quality hair products that’s suitable for them, and is capable of meeting all the needs that are required to keep the hair healthy. For instance, when choosing a hair care product, women must make sure that the product replenishes moisture back into the hair. Dry hair has always been an issue with black women. The most common reason is that the tight curl pattern in black hair hinders natural oils from easily making their way down the shaft.

With expensive beauty salons prices and the hassle of finding the right beautician, many women would rather use natural remedies to do it themselves. However here is a recommendation to try that is inexpensive, caters to the needs of black hair, and still leaves you with the feeling of a beautician touch without ever having to go to one. Avlon distributors offer an excellent line of KeraCare hair care products from sulfate-free detangling shampoos, to Humecto conditioning crème. One of the best attributes of this brand is that it can be used on natural or relaxed hair. KeraCare’s shampoos natural ingredients include wheat protein and citric acid.

Avlon’s Humecto crème conditioner is deep penetrating and improves health and appearance of hair tremendously. Ingredients include water, lime and corn flower just to name a few. As for a daily moisturizer, KeraCare’s hair oil includes jojoba oil, which improves hair growth, stops breakage and retains antioxidants in your hair for longer periods of time. KeraCare may be sold at your local beauty supply store, but you can purchase it online at the Avlon website and learn more about the products and their varieties. Although it’s almost impossible to fix dry hair overnight, with time and patience, you’ll notice an immense change and be glad you took the right direction to proper hair care for your beautiful and radiant head of hair.

A Guide to Cheap Skin Care Products

It’s unbelievable how many harmful ingredients you can find in mainstream skin care products. On the other hand, it’s highly unfortunate how many people believe that by spending more money, they can find skin care products that are better and safer. While it’s true that cheap skin care products are often of low quality, you also have to consider that more expensive brands are only pricey because so much money is spent on their marketing and advertising.

The best place to find cheap skin products is online. The skin care products exclusively sold on the internet are usually not household names but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good products. In fact, they are generally much better than the products you’ll find at the drugstore or department store because the companies that create them prioritize skin care research and development.

In order to find cheap skin care products that won’t cause any harmful side effects you have to look for products that are edible. Edible products are the only ones that are safe enough to put on your skin. When you apply skin care products like creams and lotions your skin absorbs them and they enter your bloodstream. In sum, it is like you are eating anything you put on your skin. With all the chemicals found in today’s skin care products, that is worrisome.

Avoid any of the following ingredients when you are shopping for cheap skin products: parabens, mineral oil, triclosan, and polyethylene glycol (PEG), to name a few. These chemical ingredients have been linked to a variety of health problems. Only buy skin care products from companies that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Companies that have signed this compact have pledged not to use any ingredients that are strongly suspected of causing health problems.

Furthermore, it is common to find cheap skin care products that are heavily fragranced. Artificial fragrances are dangerous because they are made up of a vast number of toxic chemicals. Companies add these fragrances to cheap products in order to cover up their bad smell due to low quality. The word “fragrance” can refer to up to 4,000 toxic chemical ingredients! Your best bet is to opt for natural products that are fragrance free.

Do yourself a favor and start looking for cheap skin care products that are more than just a bargain. If you find the right line of products, you can fight aging skin and see a dramatic difference in the overall condition of your skin without putting your health at risk. As a result, your skin will look more beautiful and youthful than you ever imagined possible and above all, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to make it that way.

Research on Jade for Natural Skin Care Products

Ancient Power of Jade

Jade has been used in East Asia for hundreds of years to promote and maintain beauty and health in many ways. Ancient wisdom for well-being considered jade to be a gem for boosting healing powers, for detoxifying and healing stressed organs, and for strengthening the body’s natural defenses. In particular, pumiced jade has long been viewed as a favorite for skin health.

Jade has always been known as a resource for healing energy. Wise health practitioners from centuries ago were already aware of its capacity to warm the skin. In fact, this warming action was believed to be one of the key powers of jade that made it so valuable as a healing gem.

Jade in Current Medicine

In our modern times jade has been incorporated into a field of natural medicine called energy medicine. Specifically, this approach to medicine uses what are referred to as subtle energies for promoting health and well-being. Practitioners in oriental medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and many other disciplines now comprise a worldwide expansion into energy medicine.

Current uses of jade also include its addition to a growing number of natural skin care products. It is especially helpful for promoting skin health when it is combined with herbs whose antioxidants are known to prevent and reverse skin damage. Some of the top herbs for skin health include angelica root, white peony, and green tea. Products containing these herbs in combination with jade powder are now offered online.

All of the herbs in any good skin product will contain a class of antioxidants called flavonoids. Depending on the individual herbs, different formulas will also contain a variety of additional natural ingredients that provide even more antioxidant and healing properties for skin health. Moreover, the best herbs are often the subjects of research that provides solid scientific evidence for how well they work.

Health Research on Jade

Although subtle energies are somewhat tricky to measure even with modern laboratory instrumentation, one such energy is easily detected in jade. It derives from the ability of jade to emit far infrared rays. This type of energy occurs beyond the red color that we can see in our spectrum of visible light, past infrared light, well-beyond human detection.

Fortunately, scientists can measure far infrared energy easily, in part because it generates low levels of heat. This is exactly the energy of jade that is believed underlie some of its health benefits. Specifically, the far infrared energy of jade warms up the skin and boosts circulation in the tiny blood vessels that permeate it.

Energy of Jade in Healing

One of the first modern studies on subtle energies and skin health examined the healing properties of far infrared rays. This study was published in the Annals of Physiological Anthropology in 1987, based on work done at the Chiba University in Japan. It revealed that far infrared energy raised skin temperature, leading to the predicted increase in blood flow in the small blood vessels of the skin.

In 2000, scientists at Humboldt University in Berlin published a review of this phenomenon in Biomedizinische Technik. This review explained the potential of far infrared rays for boosting skin health.

Although studying far infrared energy is fairly simple in laboratory circumstances, how does that apply to jade? After all, jade is a natural source of far infrared energy.

Scientists at the Skin Research Institute in South Korea set out to answer that question in 2002. Their study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, specifically showed that a skin care cream containing jade powder could raise the temperature of facial skin by an average of one full degree Celsius. They even showed temperature-detecting photos of people who applied the jade powder product on one cheek and a non-jade product on the other. In every case, the cheek treated with the jade powder product was visibly warmer than the other cheek.

The Advantage of Jade

Modern science has only just begun to provide evidence for the healing power of jade. Future research will undoubtedly continue to show how ancient practitioners already made the most of jade’s ability to promote health and beauty. Meanwhile, currently available skin care products that contain powder made from this healing gem will most certainly continue to bestow the jade advantage on anyone who uses them.